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Kendatti - A Hidden Paradise, not so far away from the busy Bangalore

A day trip to Kendatti & back to Bangalore -

It was a monotonous, busy, yet boring weekday at office. Most probably, it was the Tuesday or Wednesday of the second week of March, 2015. Suddenly Amit, my childhood friend pinged me on FB and asked to Google for a place named “Kendatti”. This place has been named as “Chota Ladakh” by many people on their blogs and even in News.  Within minutes, I looked into the pictures from Google and felt in love with the place at once.

But, what an irony! Suddenly I found this link on Kendatti Lake being a prohibited area, and it broke our heart.

Then within an hour, after gathering some basic information about the place and its surroundings, we decided that whatever it maybe, let’s hit the road during the coming weekend and if we can’t visit there, then at least, we will have a long drive on the Kolar Highway and have some snacks in the Café Coffee Day situated nearby. Kendatti is situated on the National Highway 4, just 43.4 km from Krishnarajapuram (K.R. Puram) Railway Station in Bangalore. It can be visited from Bangalore either fully via National Highway 4 which is having Tolls or via Hoskote Malur Rd and National Highway 4 without Tolls. Soon, we shared the plan with the other buddies and most of them were in.

Everyone in the gang is a great planner, but mostly we find it hard to successfully execute the plans! This time, our plan was to hit the road by 6-7 on Sunday morning. This was planned in such a way, so that, we can avoid the scorching Sun. It would be an hour drive from our place. We would reach there, visit the surroundings, get some clicks, have breakfast and come back by Noon or so. Earlier the weather in Bangalore was not that Hot, but as years are passing by, the heat is increasing radically. During afternoon, you can’t enjoy nicely outdoor, unless it’s any water sports kind of activities.

After a not too late night party on Saturday at Amit, Shibangshu & Rupam’s place, in Sarjapur Main Road near Bellandur, we had a great weekend waala sleep and unfortunately woke up around 10 in the morning; That too Shouvik, another member in the gang, ringed our mobiles for some 7-8 times. Shouvik didn’t attend the last night party and was at his flat nearby HAL market. He too, wasn't able to wake up in the early morning and as soon as he woke up, he started calling us. With all heavy heads, I, Amit, Rupam, Shibangshu, Suryangshu & Gaurav woke up. We took some time to decide whether we will be going or not since the Sun ray was not that friendly outside. After getting freshened up, and on the arrival of Shouvik, we finally hit the road at around 11AM in a Royal Enfield Classic Desert Storm, KTM Duke 200, Honda CBR 250 and a Honda Activa. Since we were in Sarjapur, so we took the Sarjapur-Bagalur Rd and followed GPS. We had some light snacks and tea on a roadside restaurant and packed Dosas and Idly-Wadas for our brunch, somewhere middle.
Our Transport
The Gang - (From Left) Amit, Shouvik, Rupam, Gaurav, Suryangshu, Shibangshu & Me behind the Lens
Getting Our Brunch packed
Ride through the Sarjapur-Bagalur Rd
The Journey Continues....!!!!....

Within one and half an hour drive, we crossed the Café Coffee Day that was marked on Google Map nearby Kendatti. After looking around for some time, we reached the road entrance to the Kendatti Lake, a wonderful Crater Lake. To our fortunate luck, there were no police or other officials to block us. It was probably due to the unbeatable heat maybe. Near the lake, it was a peaceful area with no signs of civilization nearby. It was just around 2 km away from the National Highway, on the right hand side, if you travel from Bangalore, just after crossing Kendatti Bus Stop.
The point on the National Highway from where you need to take a right hand diversion in order to reach the Kendatti Lake
In search for the hidden treasure!

There were signboards of “Prohibited Area” written all around the mud road that took us near the lake. It’s kind of a hidden Lake just say, 250-300 meters away from a particular point on the mud road, that we crossed twice, but unable to figure out initially. After around half an hour of roaming around here and there following our instincts, suddenly with a great hunch, we finally discovered the hidden treasure, Kendatti Lake, really worthy to be named as “Chota Ladakh”. Yes, literally, we did trespassing!
First Sighting
Vehicles parked nearby
A short trek to the final destination

I and Amit were the first to discover the Lake. We parked our bikes under a tree shade nearby and headed towards the lake. Oh no! It seemed like the road that leads to the shore of the Lake has been destroyed and there is no proper way to reach there. We were disappointed again and were desperately looking for a way down there. The only way down there was to climb down the rocks that were deep for almost like a 3 floored building height. Sudden Rock climbing without any gears or former preparation! The excitement and our adrenaline rush were at their heights!
Finally, we were there!
A little disappointed looking at the depth of the crater and no way in or out
Depth of the crater - Almost a 3 floored building height
Not able to find a suitable way down there
Unable to decide whether to go down or not
Still in the dilemma

It looked almost impossible from the top, but, we decided not to give up that easily. After trying for some time, Amit was somehow able to get down there. Now, he got down but, how to get out from that crater was the next problem. So, instead of following Amit down there, we waited on the top until Amit climbed up back again. Our confidence increased at this point of time and we all headed down there except Shouvik and Gaurav.
Amit was the one who discovered the most feasible way in & out the crater
And so we followed Amit down there
Shouvik stayed back on top
Gaurav also stayed back

Once, we were at the shore of the lake and sat down there by submerging our feet in the crystal clear blue water of the Lake, we found Nirvana…..!!!!....
Nothing beats this feeling!

And we found Nirvana!
Natural Fish Spa in the crystal clear water of the Kendatti Lake
We did achieved what we were looking for

A long ride accompanied by some trek, rock climbing, relaxing natural fish spa, trespassing and exploring the unknown hidden paradise......A day worth mentioning.....!!!!....
Kendatti - The Hidden Gem and so called Chota Ladakh
“There are no foreign lands. It is the traveler only who is foreign.” – Robert Louis Stevenson
“He who does not travel does not know the value of men.”

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